Have a Clear Vision and Goal for your Web Site


If you don’t know what you are trying to achieve with your web site design then you will probably achieve…nothing!

Just as your company (hopefully) has a clear vision of where it wants to be in the future and what it wants to develop into – your web site design also needs to have a clear vision.

The vision for your web site design should be aligned with your company’s overall vision.

Ask yourself:

what is the vision for this web site design?
why are we getting a web site?
what is the purpose of your web site design?
Next, think, what are the goals for this web site design? Be specific. What do you want to achieve through a web site? Think about the following areas:

Brand development
Business efficiency
Put specifics on everything. How many enquiries or sales would you like to generate through your web site? What would make your web site an amazing success? Many people decide to get a web site without defining the reasons behind their decision. Once again, know exactly what you are trying to achieve!