brighton SEO decks

Brigton SEO decks Sept 2017

FUNDAMENTALS – The SEO’s Guide To JavaScript – Ric Rodriguez The SEO’s Guide To JavaScript – Ric Rodriguez, Brighton SEO 2017 from Ric Rodriguez APIs IN SEARCH- Using Natural Language APIs in SEO – Stephan Solomonidis Using Natural Language APIs in SEO from Stephan Solomonidis RANKING FACTORS – Increase your Read more…


SEO Infographics – a curated list

Infographics have been used as an SEO technique for around the last five years (?), but are they anygood at infoming people about SEO? see what you think below are some of my favourite SEO infographics The Visual FAQ of SEO infographic Scatterplot of SEO Tactics Long Tail Keywords  

My top 5 SEO tips

My Top 5 SEO Tips

1. A reasonable amount of copy/text 500+ words good, 1000+ words better 2. Improve the keyword density – use variations 3. Related links and articles on page 4. Good headline in H1 5. Share buttons and/or Comments – get some interaction from your readers